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This course will open in January 2017.  Pre-register below.

In the Ultimate Pitch Deck Workshop, you will learn to understand the true nature of your business, and communicate it in a beautiful, punchy, effective deck.  In 10 slides or less, you will create a bulletproof weapon to use during conversations with investors, partners, clients, and customers.  

Transform Your Business

Create a stunning tool to promote your business in a new, fresh way.  Through this workshop, your intimacy and knowledge of your business will grow.   

Why a Pitch Deck?

The pitch deck is the quintessential tool for any business owner.

In this course, learn to communicate, in 10 slides or less, why you are better than the competition, and how your business can scale to the next level.  By forcing you to “boil down” your business into simple slides, you will:

  • Have a “go to” document to share with investors, partners, and clients
  • Narrate a masterful “why you exist” origin story to create intrigue
  • Answer the annoying “so what do you do” question in 5 seconds
  • Have a living, breathing document that tells your story on paper
  • Have a single record of your business’ achievements over time

Who Should Take This Course?

This course was developed for creative entrepreneurs:  designers, artists, editors, healers, spiritual practitioners, life coaches, writers, startup founders, creators, small business owners, and anyone with aspirations to launch their own business.  

We purposely break down and synthesize business concepts in an easy, accessible way.  Basic knowledge of digital technology, Excel, PowerPoint/Keynote is recommended, but not required.  

Our Agenda

  • How to deliver exactly what investors want to see
  • How to use your deck as a tool when talking to investors
  • When to share your deck, with whom, and how
  • The key concept of “leaders vs. followers”
  • How to effectively do voiceover, and how to make your deck “self-explanatory” when you’re not there in person
  • Why it is absolutely necessary to anticipate questions from investors
  • How to answer investors’ questions with intelligence, confidence, and aplomb
  • How to steer the conversation “back” to the deck after constant interruptions
  • How to know when to walk away from a potential investor, and what “red flags” look like
  • How to give your deck personality and make it stand out with the right colors, fonts, and images
  • How to incorporate the idea of "less is more" on every slide
  • How to use Pinterst to inspire your deck creation
  • 3 must-have resources :  Adobe Color, Noun Project,
  • How to create a masterful 1-liner mission statement
  • How to showcase the most relevant information about you and your team
  • How to set up the problem vs. solution paradigm
  • How to tell the “story” of you vs. the competition
  • How to explain in simple terms how you make money
  • How to show (not tell) your traction to date
  • How to understand insider terms like “runway” and “burn rate”
  • How to create a story around scale:  6 months, 18 months, 5 years
  • How to set up “the ask” of how much money you need
  • How to show “the delivery” of what you’ll use the money for
  • How to assure that your investors will “get their money back”

About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Mandy,

I’m passionate about creating a community of entrepreneurs, self-starters, and creative founders that are confident, empowered, and aligned with their true selves.  

As a serial startup founder, I’ve cumulatively helped raise over $2M for early stage startups, and have pitched to hundreds of investors, including one time on stage while I was 9 months pregnant!  At my first startup, I went through over 40 iterations of my pitch deck.  During a 3-month period, I met with over 20 advisors including venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurial programs through NYU and Columbia, TechStars mentors, and other startup founders who “coached” me on creating the perfect deck.  

It is through this blood, sweat, and tears process that I learned the insider secrets on creating the perfect pitch deck.  After helping many friends, colleagues, and startup founders with their decks, I put together all my learnings in this awesome course for you.  

Thank you for letting me be your guide.

Love and Light,




This session will be scheduled for January 2017.  After you pre-register, you will receive an email with all information including a link to the live webinar.  All participants will have access to a private group where you can share your deck for feedback and ideas.